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Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Hearing loss is an incredibly common occurrence in adults, affecting over 48 million Americans alone. Although there is still a misconception that only older, retired people have hearing loss, many people who are still in the workforce have some degree of hearing loss that is affecting their day to day lives. In addition, employment of workers aged 65 or older has grown by 117% in a span of 20 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Discover ways in which untreated hearing loss can affect you at work and ways to successfully manage it.

Ways Hearing Loss Can Affect You at Work

If you have hearing loss, it’s important that you have the accommodations and tools to address it. Here are a few ways that hearing loss can impact individuals who leave it unaddressed.

  • Difficulty communicating with colleagues, managers, or clients
  • Loss of energy; you feel exhausted after a conversation
  • Difficulty in engaging in trainings that do not include a visual component

What Can You Do?

The good news is that hearing loss doesn’t have to have a negative effect on your work life. Here are some ways you can manage your hearing loss and optimize your hearing in the workplace.

  • Wear hearing aids
  • Schedule annual hearing exams
  • Ask for further clarification if you didn’t understand something
  • Try hearing aid accessories to make your listening experience easier
  • Ask for accommodations (examples include captioning, interpreters, a different seating arrangement, visuals, adapted technology, and more.)

One of the best ways to manage hearing loss is by wearing hearing aids. Hearing aids will help you hear better, even when there is background noise, so you can perform your best. Hearing aids will provide your brain with the sounds you need. This can result in you feeling more confident at work, and being able to fully communicate with your colleagues, managers, and clients.

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